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Sciam Fansite

This is my personal, free, non-profit fansite for Scientific American magazine. It features a collection of article indexes (titles and summary) and cover art from the magazine. The lexigraphically astute will note that these collections are more like a giant table of contents to the main articles, rather than a topic or title sorted lists of articles.

Sciam Annual Index

The motivation for this creating these indexes came in 2004, when Sciam stopped publishing the annual index in their December issues. As a fan of Sciam and of information collections, I created and maintained these indexes for my personal research use, especially when offline. By sharing them with others, I hope that they will give "educators, researchers, and inquisitive minds" an additional way to browse, search, and enjoy the Sciam collection.

Science Magazines Cover Art Collection

I had always liked Sciam's cover art, so I also included the cover art collection from 1993 to present. In fact, I like cover art from science magazines in general,and the cover images in the collection was expanded from sciam-only to include other science magazines. This collection has been growing ever since (over 40,000 cover art thumbnails from more than 150 magazines as of 2012).

Support Sciam Digital

For conventional searches online, Scientific American Digital already has good searching capabilities. And for only $40US a year you can get PDF files of all the regular issues since 1993, plus 13 Sciam Presents special issues. That's over 250 issues of high quality information -- a fantastic deal!

Covers Thumbnails of cover art from Sciam regular and special issues, Sciam international editions, and other science magazines and journals. [Note: graphics intensive web pages]
1993-2010 Article index for the regular issues from 1993 to present, based on Scientific American Digital website's table of contents. Sorted by issue.
1970-1992 Article index for the regular issues from 1970 to 1992, based on Nelson H. F. Beebe's Bibliographies Page. Sorted by issue.
Mind Article index for "Sciam Mind" from 2004 to present.
Special Article index for the "Sciam Special" and "Sciam Reports" special issues from 2002 to present.
Presents Article index for the 13 "Sciam Presents" special issues from 1997 to 2000.
Online Article index for "Sciam Online" from 2002 to 2006.

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Compiled by Dave Lo. Much thanks to all those who helped to fill in missing issues!