Dave Lo . Tech


I've always had a love for computers and technology. Back in high school, I was interested in electronics, and had one of those Radio Shack 150-in-1 electronic kits. That interest evolved into the next trend: microcomputers.

I still remember when the Popular Science and Popular Mechanics magazines began their coverage of the home computers - the TRS-80, PET, and Apple II. Teaching myself BASIC, I would hang around the local Radio Shack stores and write programs on the demo machines. Other computers I've owned included a Tandy Color Computer, NEC MSX-compatible, XT, and 386.

Fast forward a number of years, and I am still closely following the technology trends, adding in networking, internet, and web development to my interests. It's amazing to see how much computer are continuing to evolve.

Personal PC's

I manage a personal PC network that includes the following:

Brand YearCPU/Speed Memory Hard disk Video Monitor Sound OS other
Custom 2005P4/3000 1Gb 120G Nvidia 5200 Sony 17" on-board AC97 WinXP Home DVD+-RW
Custom 2004Celeron/1200256M 40G on-board LG 19" on-board WinXP Pro Chinese CR-RW
Toshiba M30 2003P4 M/1400 512M 80G Nvidia Go5200 15.4" LCD on-board Sigma WinXP Pro DVD/CD-RW
Custom 2002P4/1600 512M 250G ATI Rage128 Panasonic 17"on-board WinXP Pro DVD+-RW, CD-RW
Custom 1999P3/450 256M 20G, 40G ATI Rage128 NEC 17" SB Live Win98 DVD, CD-RW
Custom 1997Cyrix/200 160M 3G ATI RageII   SB 16 Win98 CD
Custom 1997Cyrix/166 96M 8G, 3G Matrox Mystique Acula 15" SB 16 WinME CD