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I really enjoy building things with the Zome construction set. In Vancouver you can buy it from me via Mindspark Enterprises, which has the most complete inventories of Zome in the Lower Mainland.



Nowadays I read mostly non-fiction. Areas of interest include computers, mathematics, science, graphic design, and Chinese philosophy. One book that has profoundly affected me is Douglas Hofstadter's "Godel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid". My text adventure game "Beyond the Tesseract" was inspired by this book.


On a lighter note, I find Dave Barry's humour column very funny. I also like Rita Rudner's comedy.

Reference Works

I have a great interest in reference works, in particular the following types.

Here is a list of some of the reference materials I have compiled.

Thematic classification of words and knowledge
Roget's Thesaurus is probably the most well known thematic classification of words. However, there are many other classifications of words, which I found out after reading Tom McArthur's book "Worlds of Reference", about the history of lexicography. I started compiling this list in the early 1990's because I was fascinated by this way of looking at knowledge.

Scientific American article index from 1993-present
The motivation for this project came in 2004 when Sciam stopped publishing an annual index in their December issues. The first version of the index was derived from the annual indexes, and contain only the article title. The second version here was derived from the monthly contents from the sciamdigital website, and includes both article title and summary.

Science Magazines Cover Art Gallery
This started as a one-page companion to the Scientific American article index, showing the thumbnail cover art of the issues from 1993 onward. It gradually grown to include international editions of Sciam and cover art from over 90 other science magazines.

English/Chinese periodic table of elements (PDF 100K)
This is a basic periodic table, with the distinguishing feature of including the Chinese name of the element. The motivation for this project came in 2005 when I was studying and translating some Chinese science articles. I needed a handy resource for working with element names but couldn't find 1-page updated version of the periodic table with both English and Chinese, so I created one. There are two versions; one version is the conventional table, and the other includes placeholders for undiscovered elements with the theoretical g-block.

Comic strips

Here are some of my current favorites: I also like the series of comic books by Cai4 Zhi4 Zhong1 蔡志忠 about Chinese philosophy and mythology.


Science Fiction

Like many computer enthusiasts, I am a great fan of Star Trek, Star Wars, the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, and Red Dwarf.

Action/Martial arts

I enjoy watching action movies, in particular Hong Kong action movies involving Tsui Hark 徐克, Ching Siu-Tung 程小東, Jet Li 李連杰, Jackie Chan 成龍, and Yuen Wo-Ping 袁和平.


Japanese "monster" shows are still fun after all these years. Up here in Vancouver BC we don't have access to much of it, but one can only hope.


I'm almost guaranteed to enjoy any animations produced by Studio Ghibli and Pixar.

Movies to-see

Movies seen


My favorite genre of music is New Age music. Here is a sampling of some of my favorite artists, grouped in to somewhat arbitrary categories.

I discovered new age music in 1982, after a friend lent me his soundtrack album to Carl Sagan's Cosmos TV series. About the same time, I had the good fortune to listen to Kitaro's Silk Road double ablum. I was hooked. Back then, the whole genre wasn't even called "new age". I've seen stores put everthing under Rock, Electronic Music, and even Alternative. I'm glad now there is at least a name for the genre, even though the name mistakenly makes some people think this is just elevator/healing music.

Besides new age music, my other musical tastes include the following.

Screen Savers

Here are some of my favorite screen savers:


I like concept/effect/studio photography, and dabbled in it as a hobby a few years ago. The photos on these pages were all taken by me.